My Muse

*Someone who understands things and how bad things can feel. Someone who deserves more. Someone who inspires you. Someone captivating in every way. Someone you could see yourself with when you have doubts about so many others.*


Everything about her awakens magic in my heart.

Her very essence leaves me spellbound through the night.

Her doe-like eyes beckon my soul.

They provide a warmth most can’t understand.

She is the muse the captivates my very being.

Ma déesse a les cheveux châtains.

Elle est sympathique et donne la sécurité.

Elle est timide mais a une cœur brûlant.

Elle est la vie en rose, but she is not fake.

She is to this world the way I view her.

When I look at her I don’t see through a lense.

This is no facade that she maintains.

She is as I see.

Perfection to me.

Her inner beauty is never interred.

It is seen through her radiance,

Through her innocent beauty.

She shines brightest in my lowest moments.

I only wish I could shine in hers.

She is the jewel that sparkles brighter than the sun.

Her radiant smile is only matched by the warmth within.

It veils her pain.

Something she never deserves.

The loneliness.

The regrets.

The emptiness that can overwhelm her.

The pain that sickens the soul.

These horrid feelings I share with her.

The ones I want to free her from.

The ones she never deserves to know.

She is so much more than she believes.

I want so badly to make her see.

She means so much to me.

It feels like forever when we don’t speak.

An eternal despair of sorts.

But when she speaks to me.

When I see her.

When I read what she types.

Any contact with her.

It all saves a battered heart.

It fills a void she doesn’t understand.

My worries are lifted and I feel light as a feather.

Floating in the crisp Autumn wind.

But I’m never frozen.

Never cold.

Never when I know her warmth.

When we interact and I see the whole.

The totality of a goddess.

The muse of all my dreams.

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