*Another one from 2 years ago. Same person as the one below. The reason for the theme was it was around Valentine’s Day. They don’t know that either of these poems exist. I’m pretty sure there was another but it’s lost at this point.*

My heart screamed for you when our eyes first met.

My soul felt helplessly trapped in a net.

Your dark auburn hair first captured my gaze.

Your beautiful smile left me in a daze.

Your mysterious ways intrigue my heart.

Your precious face is like a work of art.

I’m drawn to you without any reason.

The arrows declared my heart in season.

Thoughts of your beauty refuse to leave me.

I finally feel like my heart is free.

My heart keeps pounding at the thought of you.

Hope of your love keeps on pulling me through.

My soul gets lost when I look in your eyes.

Your burning love would be my ideal prize.

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