*It’s about all the nerves and doubts that come before you let someone know how you feel.  You don’t know how to go through with it, you just want it to happen.*


The pressure is weighing down on my heart.

All the tension is tearing me apart.

At this point I don’t know what’s right for me.

I question if you’ll ever set me free.

I think of the one that did get away.

I’m scared you’ll end up the very same way.

At times I feel like I’m not ready yet.

It doesn’t feel like my heart’s truly set.

I feel like my love’s not enough for you.

I feel like there’s more that I have to do.

Despite these fears you’re all I can think of.

I’d give so much just to make you my love.

God knows how I want to obtain such bliss.

My life would be perfect with just one kiss.


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