Nightly Wishing

* About someone who keeps you awake at night. Someone you think of when you can’t sleep.  Someone you talk to who just makes you feel more and more awkward every time.  The last line is an intentional lead/reference to the Browning poem that starts with it as the first line. *


It’s too hard to get you out of my head.

You keep me up at night thinking in bed,

Wishing you were here inside of my dreams.

I see your reflection in the moonbeams.

I see your face when I look at the stars.

Nights like this, I wish you weren’t so far.

I hear your voice when I struggle to sleep.

My longing for you has me in too deep.

Each night is a challenge without you here.

It’s bad enough how I get when you’re near.

I second-guess how I act around you.

I question each little thing that I do.

You put me in a perpetual daze.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

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