*About noticing how everyone else seems to be happily with someone and starting to get depressed about how you’re not one of them since it doesn’t seem to go that way for you like it used to, then immediately falling for someone who makes you forget it for a while.*

Winds of change are blowing all around me.
Everywhere I look someone else is freed.
Seems like everyone is smiling these days,
While I try to turn from all my old ways.
But then you appear to come from the skies,
With your perfect smile and your doe-like eyes.
A glimmer of hope starts pounding my chest,
About how you’re not like all of the rest.
Something has changed within my beating heart.
When I see you I never want to part.
Lately you’ve been keeping me up at night,
With thoughts of such an otherworldly sight.
With beauty that shines as bright as the sun,
You’re who I want to be my only one.

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