*Someone you can’t really describe because the things you would write aren’t enough. You write when you don’t feel anything real but she’s worth everything to you. You’d write meaningless things but now there’s actually someone who fits the descriptions when there wasn’t before.*

I laugh each time I stare at these pages,

Descriptions of love that never ages.

Empty words coming from a broken shell,

Left torn and tattered in a private hell.

I laugh because those words don’t matter now.

You saved me from that suffering somehow,

When the words were meaningless and hollow,

When in real life I would only wallow.

I would write words of love but feel depressed,

From feelings I never really possessed.

My whole universe changed when I met you.

I met someone worth the hell I’ve gone through,

Someone more than I could ever dream of,

Someone worthy of an undying love.

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