*Someone you’re into who seems to be too scared to take the next step. It doesn’t really make sense that they’re that way to you because you feel like you should be the one nervous about it instead. There’s nothing wrong with them.*

What paralyzes you when we connect?

Do you see someone I’d want to reject?

There’s a reason I don’t stray from your eyes.

Do you think it’s all just another guise,

Or are you just scared of finding some bliss?

I’ll change your mind after our first kiss.

You act hypnotized but I’m struck by you.

Stop being scared that it will just fall through.

You’re why I haven’t been sleeping at night.

My visions with you keep shining on bright.

Time feels eternal when you gaze at me.

I stand there frozen but my heart feels free.

There’s no reason for me to run away.

When I’m with you I only want to stay.

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