Perfect Dreams

*Wrote this a while back but forgot to put it up here.  Just about someone who enters your life and suddenly makes it all better.  You become crazy about them and you’re happy every time you think about them.*


When I hear your voice, your words enchant me.

The thoughts you give me make my heart feel free.

I become spellbound when I see your face.

Simply thinking of you makes my heart race.

I know true paradise when you’re around.

It feels like my lost soul has just been found.

I would give anything to have your love.

Lately at night, you’ve been all I’ve thought of.

You are the true love of my perfect dreams.

I can’t believe how surreal it all seems.

Things have been great since you entered my life.

Thinking of you cleanses my soul of strife.

I’m helplessly caught up in all you do.

True perfection is a future with you.

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