Promised Land

*I saw a quote about how sometimes people need you to be the arms, not just a shoulder to cry on. This is based on that. Promising you’ll make someone scarred whole again. You’ll never leave, just take them where they deserve to be.*

I just love the thought of you in my arms,

Being more than a shoulder to cry on,

Being more to you than my words and charms.

I want you to see I’ll never be gone,

That no matter what I’ll be here to stay,

Here each time you need to call upon me,

Here to make all your troubles go away.

While your heart is the lock I’ll be your key.

With words I’ll melt away your hardened steel.

With actions I will make you love once more.

I’ll make you remember just how to feel.

Our love will be too much to ignore.

All I ask is for you to hold my hand,

Look into me and see the promised land.

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