*title inspired by the Eros/Psyche myth..but just about someone you always want to be with. They make you nervous all the time, you don’t feel like yourself around them, but everything about them is so pure and good and you want that feeling they give you 24/7.*


I can’t contain myself when you’re around.

Your glowing innocence leaves me spellbound.

I melt inside when I see your sweet smile.

I’ve been longing for a kiss for a while.

Just thinking of you makes my heart grow weak.

I’m even enamored by how you speak.

My body freezes when you’re in my sight.

You make my head spin but it feels so right.

You are the Psyche to my beating heart.

I hate all of the days we spend apart.

Whenever you leave I want you to stay.

I wish you were with me every day.

When you’re here by my side, my love feels free.

I dream of a future for you and me.

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