*from the class- I’m pretty sure this was written for someone who wanted me to write for them, but I can’t really remember the background at this point.*

When you walk by, I get lost in your eyes.

My love for you lifts me up through the skies.

Your doe-like brown eyes, your highlighted hair,

All of you radiates with a great flare.

You’re perfect in every possible way.

I love you more with ev’ry passing day.

When you walk by me, I’m left stunned and dazed.

Your beauty, your presence, leaves me amazed.

When you walk by me, my heart starts singing.

Love is in the air, my head keeps ringing.

You’re a perfect girl, I’m lucky to know.

My love for you can’t match your perfect glow.

The glow of your beauty captivates me.

You have me captured, yet you set me free.

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