Rainbow in the Dark

*recently found from my old creative writing class.  I wrote it a few days after the great metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio passed away.  A few of his songs are references as well as the Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny movie where he has a cameo in the beginning…..Long Live Rock and Roll.*


Catching the rainbow with medieval might,

Your musical screams always pierced the night.

You made the anthems of Heaven and Hell.

Powerful vocals were what you did well.

A metal god trapped in a mortal soul.

Great vocals that shook this world as a whole.

You were the Holy Diver in this sea.

Your music made a great impact on me.

Without you, the fans are lost and alone,

They pray for you to come down from your throne.

You leave us a legend and a hero.

As a metal god your faults were zero.

We all scream for rock and roll to live long.

It can happen, thanks to you and your songs.

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