* Someone confessing how they feel for someone. The girl views him as a rake (old slang, basically the equivalent of a man-whore or guy version of a slut) or at least gave hint that she used to. The guy was never one, he just constantly got screwed over unless it was by the types a rake could get. He’s crazy about her and wants her to understand how he really feels. *

I get butterflies each time that you speak.
You make me so nervous my knees get weak.
I’m smitten when I look into your eyes.
Your innocence is a gift from the skies.
Your beauty can make my bitter heart race.
But my weary soul can barely keep pace.
You’re perfection to me in this dark world.
You’re a roller coaster that’s left me swirled.
Thinking of you puts my mind in a haze.
I’m imprisoned by your beautiful gaze.
It’s a prison I never want to break.
I’m worried you still view me as a rake.
I could only want a lifetime with you.
You’re a goddess no one could compare to.

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