Restless Dreams Of You

* Late night thinking led to this one just coming out pretty quickly. Another reflective one about dreams and wanting to just make them happen. You’re crazy about someone, you don’t think they really see it the way you do, but you want to be everything for them like how other people lie and say they will. You mean it and you’re not exaggerating any of the feelings. *

Lately at night, you’re all I can think of.
I think of truly having all your love.
It eats at me as these thoughts run so deep.
Each night has been full of such restless sleep.
I get so nervous when I talk to you.
You have me spellbound by all that you do.
I long for a day to conquer my dreams,
To make our reality how they seem.
I want to be able to hold you tight.
I want your world to be perfectly right.
I just want to look in your glowing eyes.
I want to save you from the others’ lies.
I truly feel that you belong with me.
I want to be the one that sets you free.

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