*Someone you’re crazy about whose tough to get a read on. You’re questioning how they feel because you don’t know, and wondering if there’s a point to all the confusion and back and forth feelings you put yourself through.*

Feels like a rollercoaster every night.

I can’t really tell if it’s wrong or right.

A happiness I’ve never felt this way.

And hopelessness that tortures me each day.

I don’t seem to know how you really feel,

But being with you is truly ideal.

Each time that you smile you make my heart race.

And every time I can’t keep up the pace.

Am I a pawn in a pointless head game?

Do you shake like me when I call your name?

What do you truly want on the inside?

Is every piece of longing justified?

I see a future when I look to you.

But will you take it or let it fall through?

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