*Found this and several others that haven’t been posted while cleaning out the desktop. About a year old. I really have no idea who this was about. The descriptions don’t mesh with anyone I would’ve probably written about at the time.*


I knew perfection when I saw your face.

A red-haired goddess with beauty and grace.

Glowing eyes that could stare into my soul.

Perfect beauty that could make the world whole.

Your face could inspire perfection in love.

To many, you must be all they think of.

A beautiful smile to captivate hearts.

A smoking queen that’s a true work of art.

True love with you must be a perfect prize.

Every man must get lost in your eyes.

A perfect smile that must be nice to kiss.

Surely you could bring any man great bliss.

A Scorpio beauty found in the night.

A perfect girl who could set hearts alight.

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