*About someone you’re hoping for another chance with.  Someone you completely think it will work with.  The one who could be “the one who got away”, except you don’t want to let them.*


When I see your face my heart starts to care.

I pray my hopes aren’t too much to bear.

I dream that it will work out in the end.

I dream that with you this torn heart will mend.

I’m a helpless fool caught up in this love.

But late at night you’re still all I think of.

Love fails to follow all the rules of time.

But life without you would be a sad crime.

The lonely nights feel like an awful dream.

Without your love my heart can only scream.

I pray for a time when you can be mine.

My eyes have never known beauty so fine.

You’re perfect to me in every way.

I’ll love you until the end of my days.

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