She’s Like the Wind

*Inspired by that song from that movie. Weirdly enough, I’ve never seen it. I was told to listen to the song though, and the inspiration kicked in.*

She’s like the wind lifting me to the skies.

A zephyr carrying my heart away.

It’s a struggle to look into her eyes.

Who could be worthy of her in that way?

Maybe I’m just a fool to think it’s me.

Every word she speaks melts me like the sun.

There is nowhere that I would rather be.

A goddess like her could have anyone.

She’s the storm and the calm that comes before.

When I hold her my heart begins to race.

I’m frozen in time but I still want more.

There’s no better feeling than her embrace.

I’m restless like the clouds that can’t be pinned.

She lifts my heart up because she’s the wind.

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