*  This one is a continuation of the last post “Allure”.  It’s saying that same person is still captivating, and that it’s still all you’re thinking about at night.*


I’m still a prisoner in the starlight.

My heart screams for you in these lonely nights.

It cries out to hold you under the moon.

This captive heart aches for you to come soon.

I envision you under the moonbeams.

I see your beauty in all of my dreams.

The warmth of your smile calms this raging heart.

Your angelic shimmer sets you apart.

I become so restless thinking of you.

I’m captivated by all that you do.

I’m weak against such heavenly allure.

I’d do anything for a love so pure.

I see heaven within your starry eyes.

I see it all when I gaze to the skies.

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