Shining Eyes

*about someone who catches your attention and steadily stays on your mind more and more.  You’re not in a good place but you get a better sense of being in one when they come around.*


Desire sets in when our eyes lock as one.

Your shining eyes can ease this broken heart.

A simple glance and my troubles are done.

Your beauty is a masterpiece of art.

Between your sparkling eyes and golden hair,

Your beauty captivates my very soul.

I’ve never been graced by beauty so fair.

Time spent without you takes a heavy toll.

This heart is weakened without you around.

Just one quick glance and I’m under your spell.

When our eyes meet I go from lost to found.

When we are together my world is well.

Your light cleanses the darkness of my day.

When you’re my own we’ll dance the night away.

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