Shining Hope

*Wanting someone who clearly has an interest and won’t act on it. They refuse to be happy with you like they want. You can see it all in their eyes, and you’re tired of their excuses because there’s no reason you shouldn’t be together.*

Hope burns brighter every time that you stare,

A hope that maybe you really do care,

That maybe for once it’s all not an act.

The flames grow each time our eyes make contact.

In each stare I see something within you,

Beyond the hell you torture yourself through.

A glimmer of love exists in your heart,

But it doesn’t shine like a work of art.

You try hard to act tough and put up walls,

But all you want is to answer my calls.

For once and all I want you to be mine,

To grow your feelings and let your heart shine.

I want to be the one you truly love,

The only one you would ever dream of.

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