*Explaining to someone what you feel when you look at them. Telling them to listen with their eyes and to read you. You don’t need words to show how strongly you feel, you just need them in the room with you to be able to see you. Started out thinking it would be a sequel to the “Inner Beauty” poem when I first started writing it.*


Don’t speak, just listen to the sounds.

The sounds of silence filling the air surrounding us.

Embrace it, enjoy it, take in the moments.

These times would be precious if I could spend them with you.

Not a word nor a whisper.

Just the faint breaths we take as we look at one another.

No words are needed when eyes can talk for us.

Looking into yours is all I’d ever need.

I can sense it.

Your innocence.

Your love.

Your enchanting beauty.

Your tender nature.

Looking at your face, you reveal more to me.

Lips that show a perfect smile.

One that makes my heart race faster.

And in the silence you can hear it beating.

Fluttering like the butterflies I would get with you in the room.

Echoing like the thoughts I want to bare to you.

You would see it when you open your eyes.

You would see the way I feel.

You would sense it in the silence.

The perfect, timeless silence.

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