*Someone you miss when they pop up in your head. They seem perfect and when they aren’t around you’re a mess. Sort of that perfect person you hope exists but you aren’t really sure they do.*


As days go by I keep thinking of you.

I’m truly enamored by all you do.

I long for your love in the cold, dark night.

I ache for just the chance to hold you tight.

I can picture you under moonlit skies.

I can see endless beauty in your eyes.

You’re a siren captivating my heart.

A world without you would tear me apart.

You’re truly the woman of all my dreams.

Your beauty is more surreal than it seems.

I would love you until the end of days.

You’re truly perfect in so many ways.

Since the day we met, you’re all I’ve thought of.

I dream of when I can give you my love.

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