*Hopeful confessionals and happy love stuff can get stale…Someone you’re crazy about that it’s not working out with. You’ve lost hope in it completely and you’re wondering if there was ever a chance or if it was all a waste of time to lose something so meaningful to you.*

I only feel empty spaces these days.

I see shattered dreams in your distant gaze.

Flickering flames of hope that keep dying,

While my heart lies torn, tattered, and crying.

Breath dissipating when I call your name,

As I’m wondering if I’ll be the same.

Did we ever really have any hope?

Or were we really just destined to mope?

Were the walls ever going to come down?

Or was my soul always going to drown?

I’ve never had the chance to feel this pain.

My tears seem to get lost out in the rain.

I’m victim to crimes only you commit.

Never knew a heart could get its throat slit.

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