*Reassuring someone that they deserve the best, and being surprised they don’t have it because they’re incredible. And saying you can back it up and be what they should really have.*


Some day you will see what you deserve.

Perfection beyond empty words.

The kind of love that people only dream of.

The romance you only read about.

The kind that doesn’t exist.

Red roses each and every day.

Someone to love you in every way.

For all your perfections because you have no flaws.

Someone who would carry the world just to see you smile.

Someone to shoulder your burdens and let you truly fly.

Someone who could somehow deserve every bit of you.

Someone to be your anchor no matter what storms you pass through.

You deserve all of this and so much more.

You’re the kind of soul immortalized by songs.

The goddess that people should dream of.

At least I know a dream girl can be real.

If I need a reminder I only need to say your name,

And all of my troubles will drift away,

As they have so many times in the past.

Because thinking of you is all I need to last.

I’d give anything for a chance to have your love.

Some day you’ll see what I want to give you.

Some day you will get what you deserve.

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