*Sometimes it takes me a few hours to finish writing, other times I pull something like this in about 20 minutes. 50 lines. Poem number 300. About someone who seems like everything you could ever want. You’re not sure if they’re good for you or bad for you, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all the same anyway. All you know is you want to be with them, no matter what anyone else thinks. They have you completely. You’d give them everything but they already have it from you. No one else could compare.*

It gets harder to breathe with every night.

I keep wasting my time thinking of you,

Thinking that one day this will be alright,

That it is all worth the hell I go through.

I see heaven when I look in your eyes.

I feel fear when I lock onto your gaze.

A love with you will bring forth my demise,

But the passion will set my heart ablaze.

After so long I forgot how to feel,

But then you came along and gave me hope.

Enough to make me question if it’s real,

While my heart trembles along a tightrope.

Each misstep brings me closer to my end.

Each move forward brings me closer to love,

Or some feeling I can’t quite comprehend.

Something where you’re all I want to think of.

Is it healthy for me to be like this?

Waiting just to hear every single word.

Hoping that I might steal a single kiss.

Is that possibility so absurd?

I even long for you within my dreams.

Since I’m not holding you here in my arms,

And my life keeps on bursting at the seams.

I stay mesmerized by your flawless charms,

Even as the rest of me falls apart.

My mind is slowly beginning to snap.

I guess it’s in better shape than my heart,

Since that feels like it’s ensnared in a trap.

In reality are you good for me?

Or better as mere words on these pages?

When you’re near me I do start to feel free.

Like I haven’t felt in such long ages.

Maybe that’s the beauty in all of it.

I can’t tell the difference anymore.

Maybe you really are a perfect fit.

Maybe it’s not bad it’s you I adore.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.

I didn’t know perfection could exist,

But I see it in the form of a queen.

Someone who will always make me persist,

Someone who never deserves to feel pain,

Just perfection until the end of time.

Someone whose smile washes away the rain,

Who makes a broken heart able to climb,

No matter how much the world starts quaking.

Because there’s only heaven in your face.

A sight that is endlessly breathtaking.

Since you are the only one worth the chase.

When we’re together I truly feel whole.

I’d give you my love but you have my soul.

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