*Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon I decided I wanted to post this one. It was a gift. A few years old at this point. When you’re with someone and you’re just telling them how much you care about them.*


The moment I first saw you I felt love,

I knew you were all I’d ever dreamt of,

I’m at a loss for words to describe you,

I’ll love you no matter what we go through,

You stole my heart that moment of first sight,

Being with you makes me always feel right,

Your perfect beauty is great and sublime,

I will be with you past the end of time.

I’m blest to be with the love of my life,

You are my true soul mate, my future wife,

One day when we’re older you’ll wear my ring,

When I’m around you it makes my heart sing,

I miss you ev’ry moment we’re apart,

No matter what, you’ll always have my heart.

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