South of Heaven

*This one’s 3 years old and for a friend. Was a gift at a concert we hung out at. She had asked for one. There was a group of us there. The funny part was one of her ex boyfriends was in the group and got aggravated later because I basically topped anything he ever did and this wasn’t meant as a literal, serious thing. There are multiple references to her favorite bands in this. Posting it because we both lost it before.*

When our eyes first met my dreams came to life.

Your blackened beauty frees me from all strife.

My heart’s south of heaven without you here.

My love for you makes this world seem so clear.

I feel true happiness holding you tight.

With you wrapped in my arms the world feels right.

My heart aches at the thought of the distance.

This love gives meaning to my existence.

Thoughts of you are sweet relief in my mind.

Love that’s so endless was a gem to find.

You’re an obsession spellbinding my heart.

As the distance grows you tear it apart.

I see perfection in your doe-like eyes.

Just a kiss would be the ultimate prize.

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