*3rd song I’m posting even though there’s a lot more lyrical material. The entire point of this was to write the saddest possible ballad after a few people wanted to see what I could come up with. It is not about anyone. Depending on the interpretation it’s supposed to either be about a lost love from a failed relationship with added imagery or because of death.*

In the starlit dusk, I feel you there.

As the the raindrops fall all through the air.

The moonlight shines on silver tears,

Reflecting the sorrow of all my years.

I’ve been missing you since you’ve gone away.

Just wish you made it to today

Black roses mark the site for me,

Your favorite shade brings me to my knees.

Since you’ve gone, these wounds haven’t healed.

Despite all I try, they won’t stay concealed.

Time eases nothing.

Time leaves me crying, for you.

I’m left in pain, in my darkest hour.

With splintered memories that were ours.

I’m left to fade away to black.

Wishing somehow you’d come back.

I’ll never know the reasons why.

Why’d you leave me for the skies.

My eyes can’t shine on through this night.

I call to heaven to end my plight.

Without you I’m lost in flames.

Left to slowly call your name.

I miss you in my hell on earth.

Without you my heart’s lost all worth.

I can’t keep going on like this.

Without you my heart’s in the abyss.

My soul is missing my true love.

It’s so cruel that you’re above.

In my tears I see your face.

Without it my life’s erased.

In this night, I miss you so.

I miss your love, I miss your glow.

You’ll be my angel for forever.

My perfect ghost to love whenever.

Time eases nothing.

Time leaves me crying, for you.

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