Still Frame

*About blowing your chance with someone because you waited too long to act. You thought it might be better to wait but you realized later that it’s totally on you, not the other person.*


Maybe it’s because I didn’t think of you enough.

That you couldn’t handle the winds of change.

That the tides of time would leave you still.

That you would fade away in the shifting sand.

That you would disappear like the waves crashing against the shore.

But I guess my instincts were tricked again.

It was me left like dust in the wind.

Like a still frame photo in a broken Polaroid.

I’m frozen in time and space and I see you.

Vibrant, radiant, moving with the wind.

Smiling and happy the way I wanted to make you.

I thought that time was on my side.

That waiting through your misery would lead to us as one.

I only gifted myself your grief,

While you left on to loving freedom.

While you smile in the sunlight I lay trapped inside a prison.

I can see you through the hourglass cell I’ve built for myself.

Caught somewhere in time.

But in a ripple without you.



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