Suffocating Heart

* It’s about intensely loving someone, and how you feel great when they’re around or talking to you, but how it kills you when they aren’t there, and you think they’re too good to want to be with you. *


My heart feels like it’s been tied to a noose.

It suffocates waiting to be cut loose.

It beats while it’s shackled by hopeless chains.

Signs of your affection ease all these pains.

The sight of you alone gives me release.

Thoughts of your love give me eternal peace.

Life feels perfect when I share it with you.

If you were mine this would always be true.

Now when we say goodbyes my heart screams out.

I only wish my head didn’t have doubt.

I doubt I could be all you’d ever need.

But when you pass me by my heart feels freed.

Without you here these aches tear me apart.

You truly command all this beating heart.

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