*About someone who keeps you up at night. For some reason you can’t tell them what you feel, but you’re surprised they don’t seem to be able to read you enough to tell.  One day you hope it all just sort of works itself out.*


As the daylight fades, your beauty shines on.

In the black of my world you are the dawn.

You are the bright sunlight that wakes my soul.

You are the one that makes my heart feel whole.

You shine like an angel sent from above.

Only a god could deserve your true love.

As I lay here at night I think of you.

I see your beauty in its perfect hues.

You’ll never know just what you do to me.

You don’t realize how you set my heart free.

You don’t quite notice the look in my eyes.

You never see how my nervous heart cries.

One day I dream you’ll be able to know,

How my true love of you will always grow.

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