*About someone you play head games back and forth with and how it drives you crazy. You think they’re interested. It feels like there’s a lot of sexual tension between the two of you.*


How long are we going to keep up the charade?

Our daily lives are nothing but head games.

I can sense how you feel by the tone in your breaths.

And you know how I feel when you can smile at my distress.

I lose my composure whenever we speak.

I just want to be your one and only.

There’s no reason for either of us to be lonely.

I can see the desire you stow away in your eyes.

The way you want a grip on your thighs.

The tension brings us together and rips us apart.


Let’s go get lost for once.

Drop the games that we play against each other.

Let’s drop our guards even for a brief time.

Ignore the struggles that we create.

Let’s forget everyone else.

In the end it’s only going to be us.

Giving in, together,

Being one, together.

In love, together.

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