The Battle of Good and Evil

*This is another creative writing poem, the prompt was to write a protest song protesting anything we wanted.  I wrote how we as a people on this earth always say how we’re going to make a change, but in reality we do nothing and watch the horrors go on in life.  The song was originally supposed to be a long, slow Bob Dylan-esque type thing, but turned into a rap after a couple lines…I don’t even listen to rap..It just worked. the first quoted section and idea from the song came from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and the Iron Maiden song title “the evil that men do”.  The line in the poem itself that is quoted is from the Iron Maiden song “the clairvoyant”.  Both songs are from the Seventh Son of A Seventh Son album, but I used the lines out of context to fit my own poem.*

The Battle of Good and Evil

“The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones”

Take a look around and tell me what you see,
A sea of blood and hate, our world of violence, racism, and deceit,
What are we fighting for when we have nothing to gain,
All we seem to do is spread our fear and our pain,
The evil that men do seals our fates in stone,
The good that men do is left buried with their bones,
Years ago men spoke of unity and dreams,
Hell, even the bullets that took their lives were all part of our schemes,
We pride ourselves on our love and equality,
But when that’s just a cover what is our reality,
The AK’s, the cocaine, the pills and the dollar bills,
Is that what life comes down to, just glamour and the kills,
Why are the dreamers the ones who die,
Why do we base our lives on one huge lie,
We say we’re equal, united, and true,
I mean, what else are we supposed to do,
“There’s a time to live, and a time to die”,
There’s a time to sing, and there’s a time to cry,
There’s a time to realize when we need to fight,
There’s a time when we have to stand up for what’s right,
We can’t go on living like this forever,
We have to make a Change and not just an endeavor,
We can’t rely on others to make things go away,
We have to work together and make sure Peace is here to stay,
You’d think it would be easy to live our lives in unity,
It shouldn’t be this problem that we’ve made it out to be,
The evil that men do compromises our dreams,
But the good that men do is what lets us achieve,
We have the time and we have the needs,
We have the numbers and we have the means,
So let’s actually do what we say we should,
Let’s make this world a place for good,
Let the evil we do be interred,
Follow through and let just the good be heard.

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