The Big Dance

*creative writing poem, it was written in the middle of March Madness about March Madness, which is really the only time I ever watch  college basketball. It was 2010, I can’t completely remember the coach reference….*


Sixty-five teams join the dance in the fraay.

A traitor coach and freshman lead the way.

All the conferences send their elite teams.

The clock ticks down as the backboard glass gleams.

Basketballs bounce fast on the hardwood floors.

Winning on this court opens up new doors,

Where heroes are born and legends are paved,

Where lucky coaches find their jobs are saved,

Where mid-majors act as giant killers.

Where lucky shots end overtime thrillers.

The stage is set for the glorious road.

Sixty-five fight for what they feel they’re owed.

The big guns are blazing as the show starts.

The ballers go all out, playing with heart.


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