The Catch

*Someone who seems to be worth more than the effort you can put into the chase of getting them to care about you. You view them as perfect. You have mixed feelings because you get mixed signals. Maybe it’s not really how she is with you, but you just see how she interacts with others and it makes you insecure. You don’t waver in how you feel about her, but you like your chances less and less as time passes by. You’re losing the hope to continue the chase even though it isn’t better than the catch. She might just be too good for you.*


I’ve wondered if the chase is worth the catch.

I don’t always feel like we’re a good match.

Maybe it’s the looks I see in your eyes,

Or all these inconsistent butterflies.

Maybe how I see you smile at others,

Or how I might be losing my colors.

Is it just the stress I hear in your breath?

Or am I living in a dance of death?

Why should I keep up this hopeless pursuit?

Each day my feelings seem more and more moot,

Not my feelings for a goddess like you,

But in the odds you will share in my view.

Why would you ever want to be with me?

You are flawless in all ways I can see.

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