The Future

* About someone on your mind when you’re restless as night.  How you want to beat any odds against it working out and make things happen. *


In the dark night I wish you weren’t far.

I see your bright eyes in every star.

I long for your touch in the lonely night.

I long for your smile and its glowing light.

A simple kiss would be more than enough.

This dividing distance makes things so tough.

I ache for days you’ll be closer to me.

I long for a time you’ll set my soul free.

I dream of you in these fading hours.

Wishing for the future to be ours.

Longing for you to be held in my arms.

Hoping that one day you’ll fall to my charms.

One day soon I hope to possess your heart.

One day I’ll conquer what keeps us apart.

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