The One I Love

* This one is written as a full confession to someone, everything I’d want to say and get out to that person. I was originally going to make it longer but I feel like it’s better to just abruptly cut it off like I did.  It’s to someone you’re forced to restrain yourself from.  It kills you that you can’t just say it all.  But the more you think about it, the stupider it is that you’re holding back.  Whether the reason is because a friend wants to be with them, someone else is dating them, or you’re just scared, there gets to a point where you just think “screw it” and you crack and tell them everything.*


This forced restraint is driving me to hell.

I’m starting to see you’re the one I love.

Longing thoughts of you are what keep me well.

Despite holding back, you’re all I think of.

I’m losing sight of what they want for me.

I don’t want you to leave me far behind.

Your endless love would truly set me free.

It would free me from what leaves me confined.

Your smile releases me from all of this.

Your heart is a tourniquet for my pain.

If I were yours I’d have eternal bliss.

In my mind you are the blood in my veins.

I’m still awestruck as I sit here at night,

Frozen in the captivity of thought.

I’m still dazzled by your spellbinding sight.

I’m worried that my efforts are for naught.

I’m spellbound by the key that frees my heart.

I’d leave this hell for a different one,

Fear of a jilt changed to fear of a start.

My great love for you comes second to none.

It almost feels like I’ve loved you for years.

You bring out what I truly hold inside.

I’m only held back by these binding fears.

You’re truly what makes up a perfect bride.

If this world were perfect you would be mine.

With you in my arms life would be sublime.

I’m entranced by the way your beauty shines.

My heart aches for us to share some more time.

My longing to be free isn’t enough,

I need your help to truly feel that peace.

I need you with me when the times get rough.

I need to have this cathartic release.

I need to escape this prison I’m in.

With your true love I could never waver.

Just the sheer thought of you makes my head spin.

I’d do anything to win your favor.

I’d do anything just to get away,

To break these shackles and let myself go.

I long for you during each passing day.

As all these days pass this love only grows.

These words don’t do justice to how I feel.

Your beautiful soul lights up my whole life.

You’re how my damaged heart began to heal.

Your warmth has dampened so much of my strife.

Your existence itself is a godsend.

I see heaven when I look in your eyes.

That sight gives joy I never want to end.

Your approval is the ultimate prize.


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