The Prince

* You feel validated about yourself. You don’t know why things don’t work out. You question yourself the way other people might, but you realize you’re in control. You’re not some fairy tale but you’re well-tested. The one you care about can either get with the program or be like anyone else whose too afraid to care about what they truly want. You’ve dealt with enough. Differences of opinion about you don’t matter because you handle yourself and take responsibility for yourself*

I’ll never be that knight you want.
Some pretty boy in glistening white.
Someone weak, without the scars of battle.
What good is armor if it isn’t tested?
I’m more than what you want.
A man who would be king.
Destined to rule over false knights.
To be trapped in a kingdom where I’m judged by the doings of others.
What do you call someone like me?
Better than the rest and nothing to show for it.
I am the Prince.
Maybe charming, or perhaps deceitful.
Tested and worn, but ready to be king.
I hear every whisper of my future.
Of how I deserve despair and torment.
Of how I deserve perfection.
How my rulings would be fruitless and desolate.
But how they should be all I’ve dreamed and more.
Which is it?
I don’t truly know anymore.
I don’t know how my rule will go.
But I’ll never be the white knight.
I won’t reduce myself to it.
Why trade life for shelter?
What good does it do to shield someone?
I’ve made the tough decisions.
I live with them every day.
Facing the world is a struggle.
But it doesn’t need to be a lonesome burden.
I’m worth more than that.
I have nothing to prove and no one to owe.
You can rule with me, or be a pawn like the rest.
To be hallowed or be hollow.
The choice is yours.

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