The Shakes

*It’s about someone who you think about a lot.  The infatuation drives you crazy and everything they do seems to make it worse, whether they’re aware or not.  It’s about a steadily building infatuation that makes you feel really good and manic at the same time.*

Because of you my heart loses control.

Seismic euphoria takes a great toll.

When you walk by I get weak at the knees.

My heart can’t handle the ways that you tease.

When you smile at me my body just quakes.

One look in your eyes can give me the shakes.

Restless butterflies pound my manic heart.

The fluttering is worse when we’re apart.

When I close my eyes my heart dreams of you.

It never matters what you put me through.

The infatuation controls my mind.

This burning desire makes my heart refined.

When I think of you I know perfection.

I’ll do anything for your affection.

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