The Truth

* When you have nothing left to lose but your sanity, and you just need to scream out what you really feel to someone you’re crazy about.*

All of these feelings leave me twisting in the wind.
It’s a struggle to contain them when the burden’s too great.
The desperation’s kicking in as the hope starts to dwindle.
I can’t deserve someone like you.
You wouldn’t believe all these words are for you.
The writings, confessions, the words i twist around.
The truth kills me the longer it’s unknown.
It’s all for you as it’s been for so long.
I can’t even focus, can’t restrain myself.
It’s too much to hide but can’t properly come out.
It’s like I’m learnin’ to fly with broken wings.
Like I’m trapped in this cycle I can’t break free of.
When i crash to the ground, it’s too hard of a thing.
I see it all slipping away in my mind because it already has.
Words I’d come up with would never portray the meaning.
The truth in how i feel really is too much for words.
This one goes out to the one I really love.
The one I mean the words to be for.
Someone I wouldn’t want to leave behind.
Someone who probably has me in the dust,
In the way she has me wrapped around her fingers.
I’m out of ways to say it and I know you sense the fear.
I fell too hard, with no sense of direction.
Nothing to guide me to you no matter how bad I want it.
This catharsis does nothing to change the world,
Or at least the importance of myself in yours.
It’s been so long since this has come over me.
I just want to escape it and be set free.
Sometimes the truth is all we have.
The truth is, it’s all been killing me.
The distance was bad enough when it took ahold.
It disappears and I’m no better off.
Still spewing worthless words.
Wasting time on the writings.
Wasting the time I should’ve had.
Soon there’ll be twenty four hours ’till I can start new again.
I’d rather be sedated.
Until something changes within me.
Until I get it right.
When I’ll finally know what to say to waste a night.
To waste it with your voice being the last thing I hear on the phone when I go to sleep at night.
Because the truth is, you make this hellish world alright.

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