The Waiting

*About someone who steadily stays on your mind. Someone you have to wait for, that you don’t want to wait for. You’re sure of yourself and just want them to feel the same way you do.*

I feel butterflies with each word you say.
I think of you every night and day.
Life seems so simple with your smile around.
It’s like I was lost and finally found.
Because of you I’m unable to sleep.
Thinking of you makes my happiness seep.
I’d wait for you until the end of time.
Your radiance is flawlessly sublime.
I feel insane just for thinking like this.
Your beautiful smile brings me endless bliss.
I lose all control when you speak to me.
Your ideal love is what I want to be.
I’m helpless to the little things you do.
I know I only want to be with you.

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