These Thoughts At Night

*It’s about someone who just lingers in your head, and refuses to leave it. Just a mess of free verse.*

It’s been days now and nothing’s changed.

This adrenaline rush has me going insane.

Every night I’ve been up like this.

Staring out the window to a blackened abyss.

Wishing on the shooting stars for a faded hope.

Just a small chance of being with you.
Butterflies get erratic when these thoughts pour in.

My heartbeat races from within.

The pulse of the beat gets faster when I think of you.

This aching I feel makes sleep so tough to do.

I toss, turn, and twist in a panic.

My raging heart starts feeling manic.

In one instance my life is perfect.

The next moment the strife is too much to handle.

These thoughts are a cursed blessing to my soul.

I’d do anything just to take ahold of them.

These thoughts that keep me up at night.

These thoughts that present you in such perfect light.

Purity I could never deserve.

But I want it so bad, more than anything of this earth.

I’m sure it’s love but I don’t know what to do anymore.

All I know is that I’m forever yours.

Any way you need me, I just want you.

I don’t care how much I’ll have to do.

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