*About being sick of not being with who you want. They’re perfect to you and deserve better than what anyone could give. You want the chance even though you don’t feel worthy.*


I’m tired of hiding the way I feel,

Knowing how I could never be with you.

I’m sick to the core that this can’t be real,

That it’s hopeless no matter what I do.

There’s perfection when I look in your eyes.

Something no one could deserve in this life.

When I’m missing you my heart only cries.

Without you I’m stuck in eternal strife.

My heart aches to have just a single chance.

One chance to show you how great that you are.

One chance to give you the greatest romance,

To show you that you are my shining star.

I long for you to be my only love.

You’re everything I have always dreamt of.

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