To Be Loved

*Based on a conversation about trying hard to make relationships a “loving and lasting relationship” compared to just playing someone for an easy lay…it’s basically a screw you to the opposing person’s viewpoint. There are multiple direct shots at them in this. Lust is fine and normal and all, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a real commitment than some random whore. Manipulation isn’t okay. Everyone gets urges but the connection and feelings are more important.*

When did it change anyway?
0 to 100 shouldn’t feel like a scarlet letter.
Not wanting to prostitute for the latest set with two legs.
“Be manipulative or don’t get laid.”
Isn’t it supposed to matter?
Did I die with the times years ago?
Wanting more than a piece of property shouldn’t feel like a crime.
Desires exist.
But so does control.
I’m a sinner like all the rest.
But one with limits.
I can’t be you.
I don’t want to be.
I don’t want to throw away the best.
I don’t want a life that mirrors the rest.
So i’ll waste my time.
Patience, money, trust.
What does it matter?
There’s more to love than lust.
I’d rather find the key to open the lock.
When did it become such a terrible thing?
To want love the way people used to dream.
I could lie with words of honey.
But I’d rather mean saying the word “honey”.
Endearment shouldn’t be shallow like a hole.
But it should fulfill another’s soul.
That’s what I want.
That’s what I need.
Not some superficial hole to seed.
Love should be a blessing, not a curse.
Lust has its place, but shouldn’t be first.
I want to look in her eyes and know she’s the one.
That’s more important than some mindless fun.
I want to chance things, not remain the “same”.
The same like you, to walk in shame.
When I look at her, sure I’ll have lust.
But when she’s in my arms, there will only be us.

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