Torch Song

*About someone you can’t have. They don’t make it easy for you but you can’t actually have them so it’s a constant cycle of hope and immediate disappointment.*


You’re more forbidden with every touch.

With each smile you just become far too much,

Far too much for me to ever handle.

Next to you, no one could hold a candle.

I grow weaker each time you walk on by.

I go to speak but my heart starts to cry,

Thinking of how I can never have you.

Seeing the hopelessness of all I do,

Seeing how hard it is to win your heart.

I get so close only to drift apart.

It feels so right but I know that it’s wrong.

Each day feels like a verse in a torch song.

You’re the chorus that stays stuck in my head.

Sweetly forbidden ’till the day I’m dead.

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