*Being restless in thought and thinking of the perfect person. It feels so real when you imagine what she would be like. She’s a dreamgirl stuck in your dreams that you hope one day becomes reality instead of a lucid thought you imagine.*

The restless nights are becoming routine.

But when I look at you, I see a queen.

Someone to make these nights worth it to me.

Someone to hold when I want to feel free.

Someone with lips that are magic to touch.

Beauty so perfect I can’t help but clutch.

When her hips sway my heart starts to flutter.

All the heads snap when she starts to strutter.

Her eyes could melt the most frozen of hearts.

Her totality is made of fine arts.

She is flawless in each possible way.

I love her more with every new day.

Lucidity sometimes warps the world’s seams.

Maybe tonight she’ll disappear from dreams.

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