“There are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Under the scarlet moon, a young boy cries.
The demon of the moon cause his demise.
His fangs are sharp and his eyes are bleeding.
I’m forced to watch this horrific feeding.
The screams ride the wind and pierce the black night.
The gentleman leaves me with hellish fright.

The horror I saw when the wild wind blew,
Still couldn’t help me decide what was true.
No crucifixes nor silver bullets,
Nor the magic spells of ancient booklets,
Could prepare me for the Devil’s Regent.
A creature horrible, far from decent.

The town trembled in fear of the blood ghoul.
Hell has never spawned a beast more cruel.
Only armed with my wit, guns, stakes, and knives,
I prayed to my God I could save their lives.
The Nightstalker is not alone in hell.
The people also knew the gray beast well.

When the wolf’s moon was full, the beast arose.
It ferociously killed all who opposed.
Its raging howls could bloody human ears.
Its bloodlust had grown over many years.
T’was a slave to the will of its master.
A minion of the Unholy Pastor.

We fought at the Dark Castle on the hill.
My silver bullets broke the gray beast’s will.
The beast did not have its master’s skills though.
My knife met neck for the finishing blow.
Silver bullets did not kill the leader.
I needed help from the Sin Redeemer.

His dark gaze made my bullets rust away.
I came so close to becoming his prey.
With blest water I burned the demonic beast.
I’d be dead without the help from the priests.
Many years have passed since he met his end.
I only hope no more evil ascends.

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