Trapped Butterflies

* This one is about someone who gives you butterflies, and how you feel whipped and really just want to be with that person, you’re just waiting for something to scream out to go ahead and do something about it.*


I get butterflies when I hear your name.

I feel like a pawn in your little game.

I can never choose my own path to take.

My heart follows ev’ry move that you make.

I’m spellbound by everything that you do.

I wait hopelessly for some kind of cue.

When I think of you my heart starts racing.

All I imagine is us embracing.

It would be perfection to hold you tight.

Everything in my world would be alright.

I see heaven when I look at your face.

I see a goddess blessing me with grace.

I long for a future where you’re with me.

I long to set all these butterflies free.


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