*About someone you’ve had an interest in for a while who never really seemed to notice or care and then suddenly reversed course. You want to know what caused it because it feels so random despite how much you want it. You think it could work out.*

What happened to make you suddenly change,

To give me butterflies that feel so strange.

I’m captivated when I see your face.

Such beauty I don’t want to stop the chase.

But how could I get such a perfect catch?

What makes you think that we’ve become a match?

You never even noticed me for days,

What caused you to change in so many ways?

Are things in one piece within your own head?

I want to know what future lies ahead.

Will you be the one to set my heart free?

Out of nowhere you’ve seemed to fall for me.

I just want to know what pulled your trigger,

Because for us the plan just seems bigger.

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